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Optimising the life-cycle performance of our cars, delivering real-life safety and ensuring you breathe clean air are key for Volvo Cars. Here’s how we deliver on these commitments. 

  1 million electrified vehicles sold by 2025

Xiaolin Yuan

Our first fully electric car will be available for sale in 2019 and will be made in China to be exported globally. We already have a broad plug-in hybrid range and plan to offer plug-in hybrid versions of every model in the future.

“A large proportion of the Volvos of the future will be fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars – our leadership in electrification technologies will contribute to improved air quality in our cities”, says Xiaolin Yuan - Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific.

  No one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020

Jan Ivarsson

For Jan Ivarsson, Head Of The Volvo Cars Safety Centre, “real-life safety means developing our safety systems based on real collision scenarios with real people. Inside and outside the vehicle. Helping drivers avoid collisions thanks to intelligent warnings and, if needed, autobrake systems and steering assistance.”

The top-three best-ever performing vehicles at the Euro NCAP test are all Volvos. We care about all road users, not just drivers: in 2017, Volvo became the first car maker to achieve the maximum safety rating for pedestrian collision avoidance with the S90 and V90. Furthermore, the City Safety functionality is standard on new Volvo cars.

  Healthy air inside our cars

Anders Löfvendahl

Volvo Cars is proud of delivering a constant stream of human-centric innovations – such as CleanZone, the feature that makes air inside our cars healthy, however bad the air quality outside. All air passes through a filter that reduces the level of dust, pollen and other particles, while an active charcoal layer acts on chemical odours, and filters out harmful substances such as exhaust gas particles.

For Anders Löfvendahl, Function Owner, Air Quality, “the opportunity to improve people’s quality of life is one of the most rewarding things about working at Volvo Cars.”


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