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Our company impacts

Leaving a gentle footprint on earth

Volvo Cars is committed to protecting and improving the environment and wider society, as well as the lives of our own customers and employees. Our sustainability programme guide our strategic and operational decisions.


  Climate neutral operations by 2025

Our Company Sofia Boyagi

Our Omtanke sustainability programme will make Volvo Cars a carbon neutral manufacturer in less than a decade by addressing energy efficiency and supply at all manufacturing operations.

Sofia Boyagi, Senior Director Global Environmental Protection, works to ensure a Resource Efficient Business: “Our network of energy experts is working globally across our plants and office buildings to optimise energy usage. It is our duty as a responsible car maker to aim for the least natural resource use in the design, manufacturing and delivery of new Volvos.”

  No fatalities or serious injuries at Volvo Cars

Our Company Michael Gustavsson

Safety at work is a part of our everyday habits. We empower our staff by sharing best practices, raising awareness and increasing training. We have demanding goals on risk observation and safe behaviour and we are strengthening our safety culture with Lean Leadership training and a new Global Health Promotion programme.

For Michael Gustavsson, Senior Director Health And Safety “taking care of our people is at the core of what we do at Volvo Cars. Our commitment to making occupational risks and hazards a thing of the past is supported by our strong culture.”

  Diverse and inclusive culture

Our Company Katarina Matsson

By the end of this decade, at least 35% of our top managers should be non-Swedish nationals, and 35% of our leading positions should be held by women – the largest share in the automotive industry.

Katarina Matson, Senior Expert Culture and Diversity, explains that at Volvo Cars, “in a deeply global, connected world, our leadership continues to promote dynamic, respectful and inclusive working environments for every individual – regardless of gender or nationality.”


CO2 emissions per manufactured vehicle (tonnes/vehicle) in 2016, down from 0.12 in 2012 (European operations)


emissions of CO2, down from 61,700 in 2012 (European operations)


emissions of our cars (EU fleet average in CO2 g/km) down from 144 in 2012


Safer and cleaner mobility


Our role in society

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