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December 16, 2020

What does it mean to be a safety hero?

Safety Heroes
Our safety innovations – like the three-point safety belt – have helped save over a million lives. Now, we aim to save a million more. Who makes this possible? Who do our customers trust to help protect them? It’s our people: the men and women who build Volvo cars. They make our ambitions come to life. They’re all safety heroes and we want to tell their stories.

You might have seen our recent marketing campaign that tells the story of how we want to save a million more lives with car safety. We want to show the world that when you stick to your beliefs, to what you know is right, a car company can save lives. The next chapter of this story focusses on the people who make our safety ambitions possible. The people who build the cars that keep people safe.


To do this we interviewed on film some of our safety heroes who work at our plant in South Carolina, USA. The footage gives an insight into the world of our amazing staff, who come to work each day putting their hearts and souls into making our cars, knowing that what they’re doing helps protect our customers and everything important to them.


We call them safety heroes because that’s who they are – everyone here, from the beginning of the process to the end, is a safety hero.


So let’s watch the film and hear from the people themselves, to see what their daily work means to them. There’s no better example of how at Volvo Cars, we’re all focused on what matters most: everyone’s safety.