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December 19, 2018

Celebrating our new line-up and our designers

Back in 2014, when we launched the XC90, we started the process of replacing our entire portfolio. Fast-forward to 2018 and we have done exactly that. Last week, we celebrated our award-winning range of new cars and the design team that created it at a special event in Stockholm.

They jointly established Volvo Cars as one of the world’s leading premium car brands. Thomas Ingenlath, Robin Page and Maximilian Missoni worked closely together in developing a proud and confident Scandinavian design language through their differentiating, collaborative approach.


The new XC90, launched in August 2014, was the first car to carry our new proud face and design language. It set the tone for all subsequent new 90, 60 and 40 Series cars, based on the SPA and CMA modular vehicle architectures that allow for true premium proportions. 


Last week, we went full circle by going back to Stockholm, this time with our complete new range of cars launched since 2014. We also celebrated the three men responsible for the new design language adorning our new range: Thomas Ingenlath, Robin Page and Maximilian Missoni. They are proof that sometimes, three heads of design are better than one. 


« Design is a distillate of human culture. It's like a non-verbal language. It's way more than the shape of something. It's really communication. »

Maximilian Missoni

Head of exterior design, Volvo Cars

Collaboration is key

Their collaborative approach, quite unusual in the car industry, created a star-studded line-up of cars that won more awards than ever and delivered years of record sales and profits. All three SUVs in the range won prestigious Car of the Year awards in North America, Asia and Europe, demonstrating the success of Volvo’s new design language.

“What I am most proud of is taking this incredible brand and putting it into the right frame of a premium Scandinavian brand, with a design that makes it an attractive and desirable product,” says Thomas Ingenlath. He underlines that one of the secrets of his team’s success is their close collaboration and strong relationship.

“Working with Max and Robin is very pleasant. We feel comfortable around each other and it is inspiring working together,” says Thomas Ingenlath. Adds Robin Page: “We have a really good friendship and a good way of working together as colleagues.”

Maximilian Missoni is equally complimentary about his colleagues: “Thomas’ greatest strength is that he is a visionary and he has that sense for the next big thing. Robin has elevated the interior design and quality of Volvo to an absolute benchmark.”


« As a designer you have the passion the in blood. That is always something that roots you to the ground. You have this creative need to try new things and push the boundaries. »

Robin Page

Head of Design, Volvo Cars

We are far from done

But our designers are far from done. Our move towards electrification and, ultimately, autonomous drive offers plenty of future design opportunities and more chances of collaboration. Already, Volvo’s designers worked closely together with our safety experts in developing a communication standard for future autonomous cars, displayed on the 360c concept (LINK?) earlier this year. The 360c also shows how creative interior design can create exciting new business opportunities.

“We’ve seen a massive change during the past five years, from where Volvo was to where we are now,” Robin Page said. “A lot of that is about the design of the cars and the fact they represent Volvo and Scandinavia so well. Looking at the next generation of cars, it will be interesting to see how we embrace new technologies and create the essence of Scandinavian design in these new products.”

« What I am most proud of is taking this incredible brand and putting it into the right frame of a premium Scandinavian brand, with a design that makes it an attractive and desirable product »

Thomas Ingenlath

Chief Design Officer, Volvo Cars

Watch the film 'We Design Volvo - Leading by three'.

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