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July 11, 2018

Behind the Scenes of the new Volvo S60

The new S60, Volvo’s cutting-edge midsize sports sedan, was revealed to a global audience in Charleston, US. Now it’s time to highlight the people behind the car. By opening our first factory in the US, we extended our industrial presence to all our major sales regions, establishing ourselves as a true global car manufacturer. At the same time, we revealed our first-ever US-built car, our new S60, for international media. Described by our CEO Håkan Samuelsson as “one of the most exciting cars we've ever made”, this event also marks that the transformation of our product line-up we started four years ago now is complete. To emphasize this, we had our complete new model portfolio showcased during the launch event.
Hours and hours of hard work from a multitude of Volvo employees lies behind a car launch like this. To highlight some of all the dedicated people who were part of the creation of our new car model, we put together a film. Check it out!
Meet the people behind the S60