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Future mobility
March 10, 2021

Leadership change at M

After four years as the CEO of Volvo Car Mobility, Bodil Eriksson has decided to step down.

Bodil Eriksson has successfully established M as a smart car-sharing provider and has now decided to step down as CEO of Volvo Car Mobility. After more than 30 years in executive positions – including several at Volvo Cars – Bodil has decided to focus on more things than her professional life. Erik Jivmark, today in the role of chief operating officer, will step in as CEO of M. This change will be effective as of April 1.


Bodil has been at the helm of M since it was set up as a stand-alone company in 2017. Under Bodil’s leadership, M has been built from scratch, attracting top talents within software development, user experience and artificial intelligence. It launched in Stockholm in 2019 and has since rolled out in eight other Swedish cities, delivering a smart car-sharing service designed for current and future sustainable mobility, and where the customer is at the centre.


Today, the service is very well reviewed by its customers – a testament to the M team’s strong focus on customer experience. Bodil herself has relied solely on mobility services for the past four years, to put herself in our customers’ shoes and deliver the best experience possible.


“My vision for M has always revolved around enabling people to live life on their own terms, which is an essential part of mobility,” Bodil says. “That’s why I’m equally happy and humbled to see that M has been received with open arms by our customers – we’ve been able to make a difference in people’s lives, helping them to make the most of their time.”


Bodil has been part of Volvo Cars’ executive management team on several occasions, starting in the late 1990s when she first joined Volvo Cars as the head of Corporate Communications. She came back to the same role in 2012, before moving over to re-energise and reposition our brand in the United States as the head of Product, Brand, Marketing and Communications for Volvo Cars North America (now USA).


“Losing Bodil means losing a passionate and loyal leader who always walked the extra mile, and her work in the United States was defined by courage and integrity,” said Lex Kerssemakers, head of Global Commercial Operations and responsible for the Americas region during Bodil’s time in the US.


During these years, Bodil succeeded in bringing Volvo Cars back to a prominent premium position in the US automotive industry, laying the foundation for the growth that we see in the region today.


“Her leadership radiates a can-do mentality, and she inspires her co-workers to go above and beyond. We wish Bodil all the best in all her future endeavours,” Lex said. “We also welcome Erik as he leads M into the future, where it will continue to fill an important spot in Volvo Cars’ strategic ambitions.”


Erik Jivmark, who has been with M since day one, will take over as CEO as of April 1.


It’s rare and exciting to be able to build a purpose-driven company like M,” Erik said. “Working alongside an experienced and visionary leader like Bodil Eriksson has been an honour and she will be missed. We now have a strong foundation, upon which we will build tomorrow’s sustainable mobility solutions. M is striving to meet tomorrow’s needs – where success is not measured in the number of vehicles sold.”


M was initiated in response to our strategic ambitions: to change and adapt our offer to have concepts like car subscription and car-sharing play an important role for future mobility. Those ambitions are still as important today, when shared mobility, electrification and autonomous driving are starting to come together.


Today, M makes a key contribution to our company, as it provides a sustainable mobility service that matches the high customer expectation of digital products and services. It’s a great example of how to offer a product purely online and follow through with a large-scale delivery in the real world, all while creating direct relationships with customers.


Even though M is a stand-alone company, it has and will continue to function as a technology incubator for Volvo Cars when it comes to fleet management solutions, artificial intelligence, user experience and robotaxi development.