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October 10, 2018

Your future Volvo will burst with computing power

We are deepening our partnership with leading artificial intelligence (AI) computing firm NVIDIA. Our two companies will work together on the development of a highly advanced, AI-capable core computer for the next generation of Volvo cars.

Cars are becoming more and more like computers on wheels, which is an ongoing development. In order to constantly offer our customers the latest technologies and services, we want to considerably boost the available computing power in our future cars. Our partnership with NVIDIA is an important step in that direction.


The partnership will allow Volvo Cars to implement an advanced computing platform for our new cars on the forthcoming Scalable Product Architecture 2 (SPA 2) vehicle platform. SPA 2 is the next generation of Volvo Cars’ award-winning SPA modular vehicle architecture, which forms the basis of all new 90 Series and 60 Series cars launched in recent years. 

Let your car learn from your driving habits

Based on NVIDIA’s renowned DRIVE AGX Xavier technology, the core computer builds on its recent advances in AI and computing power. It will help us in boosting our driver assistance capabilities, but also offers benefits in terms of energy management and personalisation. All Volvo cars will be electrified going forward, and smart computing and AI can help the car to use its battery in the most efficient way.

The same goes for personalisation: imagine a car that learns from your driving style and preferences and constantly tweaks the behaviour and performance of the car accordingly. Your Volvo will fit you even better than it already does now.

Adding advanced 360-degree perception capabilities and a driver monitoring system, the core computer will also help us safely introduce fully autonomous cars.

Our head of R&D, Henrik Green, joined the NVIDIA GTC 2018 conference in Munich to make the announcement together with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang.

Today’s announcement will deepen our existing collaboration with NVIDIA. Last year our two companies started joint development of advanced systems and software for autonomous cars. Working alongside a company like NVIDIA is a great example of how we embrace the disruption in the car industry. We collaborate via smart partnerships with selected partners, including the world’s leading technology companies, and build on eachother’s strengths.


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