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Future mobility
November 28, 2018

Volvo Cars at Automobility LA 2018

The name is a giveaway: Automobility 2018 in Los Angeles is not a car show. It is a mobility show. To show that we got the memo, we will not to have a single car on our stand at the show. Instead we bring ideas. Ideas about the future of mobility, about how we believe people will interact with their cars, and about how collaboration between Volvo and some of the best technology companies in the world can revolutionize the way we travel.

Watch this video to learn more about our latest concept, services and partnerships that we will present at Automobility LA 2018.

Volvo Cars and Google

The future of car infotainment is about personalisation and we’re working with Google to make our cars even more hand to glove for our customers. The next generation of Volvos will contain a brand new version of our award-winning Sensus infotainment system, based on Google’s Android open source operating system. 

Volvo Cars and Amazon

No one enjoys standing in line at the post office, super market or gas station to pick up a package ordered online. Which is why we came up with a simple, secure and hassle-free way of getting your packages or groceries delivered inside your car while you are at work. Our in-car delivery in partnership with Amazon Key covers dozens of cities around the United States.

Our digital host Gadgets Boy brings you insights to Care by Volvo and Volvo In-car Delivery service with Amazon.

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Gadgets Boy took the tour of our stand and got the best from every station. Here he gets a demo of LiDAR technology developed by Luminar, and interviews Nisha Swarup from Google about having Google services integrated in our cars.

Autonomous drive: 360c

Autonomous drive and safety go hand in hand for Volvo Cars. We believe autonomous drive technology has the ability to deliver huge traffic safety benefits, as well as the possibility to radically change the way we travel. Earlier this year, we revealed our vision for a future of autonomous travel that is personal, sustainable and safe: the 360c concept. It envisions a future that is fully autonomous, fully electric and fully connected. 

Autonomous drive: Luminar & Zenuity

Our 360c concept is a vision, a conversation starter. But for that vision to become reality, legislation will need to change, technology needs to develop further and consumers need to be able to trust autonomy. Luminar and Zenuity are just two of our partners as we work to develop the hardware and software needed to achieve a safe introduction of fully autonomous cars.

Care by Volvo

You already subscribe to music, films and smartphones, so why not to a car? This is the idea behind the world’s first subscription service for cars, Care by Volvo. It does away with price negotiations, hidden fees and challenges the traditional car ownership model with simplified access to a brand new Volvo. Over time, we envision a future were selected connected services also become an integrated part of Care by Volvo, accessible via our connected car platform Volvo on Call.

Volvo on Call

First launched already back in 2001, our connected car platform Volvo on Call remains a trailblazer. Features in Volvo on Call include modern classics such as pre-heating your car on a cold winter’s day, finding your car on a massive parking lot and remote locking and unlocking. With the next generation of connectivity services such as concierge services, car sharing via digital key and in-car delivery, we continue to push the envelope and make your life easier.

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