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February 16, 2021

Norway charges towards 100%

Norway’s red-hot start in switching to chargeable cars leads the world in per-capita plug-in electric car ownership – it heralds the new era as our Volvo Car Norway colleagues close in on a 100 per cent Recharge sales share.

Our company goal is for fully electric vehicles to account for half of global sales by 2025, with hybrids accounting for the other half. In Norway we're now inches away from achieving this, thanks to the popularity of our Recharge line-up of chargeable cars.


"97 per cent of our current retail orders are Recharge cars," says Rita Kristin Broch, head of Volvo Car Norway." In January our share of sales was 38 per cent fully electric and 58 per cent plug-in hybrids, with the remaining three per cent in mild hybrids. We're spearheading the electric journey for Volvo."


Volvo was the largest plug-in hybrid car brand in Norway in 2020 with a 24 per cent market share. Across all car brands, the XC40 was the third most sold model in Norway in January, measured in retail deliveries.


We're gaining market share with our strong Recharge portfolio. Volvo is now the third largest car brand in Norway with a 10.3 per cent market share and the second largest premium brand.


"Our organisation and dealers did a great job launching the XC40 Recharge," Rita says. "More than 9,000 hand raisers have so far turned into 4,500 sales and counting. We have already delivered over 2,000 cars and the media reviews have for the most part been brilliant."


Rita is optimistic about our future with more fully electric models on the way:


"EV demand in our market is high so now it is just a question of getting the cars out quickly and rolling out future models sooner rather than later. Our dealers are working at full capacity to deliver on the demand."


Norway is one of the first five markets to roll out Care by Volvo and got a flying start to online sales. Our subscription service is proving to be a success.


"We finished 2020 with Care by Volvo making up 8 per cent of our total sales in December and even sold three subscriptions on Christmas Eve," Rita says. "We have also experienced a strong start to 2021 with Care by Volvo now making up 5.5 per cent of our sales volume."


Just as in Germany, Care by Volvo is expanding the market for Volvo Cars in Norway.


"Care by Volvo customers are 10 years younger than the average wholesale customer and 80 per cent of them are conquests, switching to Volvo from another brand. With a strong Recharge portfolio and online sales just around the corner, we are aiming for a fantastic year in Norway."