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February 04, 2021

Let’s Talk: 2020 financial result

Our 2020 financial result was released earlier today and now we join CEO Håkan Samuelsson and chief financial officer Carla de Geyseleer on the set of Let’s Talk to learn more about what we achieved.

Watch Håkan and Carla discuss the details of our 2020 financial performance. The conversation spans the contrast of the first and second six-month periods, with all the usual financial measuring sticks examined. Our progress in electrification and online sales is a highlight. Plus there’s the always-anticipated news on the outcome of our bonus programme.


Håkan and Carla also outline our priorities for 2021, as we aim for growth with a continued focus on electrification. Online sales is again a hot topic, as is sustainability. Carla also details the financial outlook for 2021.


Click here to watch the February 4 edition of Let’s Talk.


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