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December 03, 2018

It’s always sunny in Sunnyvale

We’re scaling up in Silicon Valley – this week we officially opened our new Tech Center in Sunnyvale, which is three times bigger than our previous office in California.

The business of car making sure has changed in recent years. These days, apart from the traditional nuts-and-bolts engineers, we also need a new generation of engineering talent that knows its way around ones and zeros. All those smart software-based features and connectivity services in our cars do not appear out of thin air, after all.


So in recent years we’ve added plenty of digital talent to our product development network, as our sites in Shanghai, Copenhagen, Lund, Stockholm and Torslanda prove. The latest addition to that network, which opened its doors this week, is the Volvo Cars Silicon Valley Tech Center.


The Tech Center is located in the heartland of Silicon Valley – more specifically, in Sunnyvale, one of many suburbs around the San Francisco Bay Area. Places like Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara and Palo Alto, home to some of the best tech companies in the world, are just around the corner.


In other words, it is now so much easier for our software developers to meet up and collaborate with tech partners such as Google, NVIDIA and Luminar. That also applies to our start-up scouts at the Volvo Cars Tech Fund: since our investment fund will also get an office in the Tech Center, they are now even better placed to judge which new tech firms are the hottest around.


In true Volvo fashion, our new facilities are designed to incorporate the latest and greatest green building standards. For example, the building has been awarded a LEED Platinum certification, which underlines our ambitions when it comes to things such as renewable energy usage, water efficiency, waste processing and reducing CO2 emissions.


It also makes rich use of recycled and salvaged materials, while the lighting set-up closely mimics different styles and levels of natural light, adding to the overall well-being of our colleagues.


Silicon Valley has developed into a hub for many of the disruptive forces enabling new mobility models of the future, such as electrification, autonomous technology and new digital customer experiences.


Hence the Tech Center has been built for expansion, as we continue to grow our development capabilities in California. So are you a software engineer and do you fancy joining us at our Sunnyvale offices? Head over to our Careers section and see what jobs we have to offer.


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