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The E.V.A. Initiative

We have studied more than 43,000 cars in real-life accidents with 72,000 occupants since the 1950s.

This collection of documents is the sample of the result of all our research and safety development, some to which access has been limited, up until now.

Throughout the years, it has contributed to many innovative systems such as WHIPS (Whiplash Injury Protection System), SIPS (Side Impact Protection System), and numerous child safety products.

We are now sharing this research by letting everyone download more than 40 years of research. We hope this will lead to safer cars for everyone - regardless of gender and size. Because at Volvo Cars, we will always put people first.

Jakobsson L, Norin H, Parameters Influencing Risk of AIS 1 Neck Injuries in Frontal and Side Impacts, Proceedings of IRCOBI Conference, Montpellier, France, 2000

Topic: Whiplash frontal impact

Jakobsson L, Norin H, Bunketorp O, In-Depth Study of Whiplash Associated Disorders in Frontal Impacts: Influencing Factors and Consequences, Proceedings of IRCOBI Conference, Munich, Germany, 2002

Topic: Whiplash frontal impact

Bunketorp O, Jakobsson L, Norin H, Comparison of frontal and rear-end impacts for car occupants with whiplash-associated disorders: symptoms and clinical finding, Proceedings of IRCOBI Conference, Graz, Austria, 2004

Topic: Whiplash rear impact, Whiplash frontal impact

Bunketorp O, Gustafsson Y, Wenneberg B, Jakobsson L, Norin H, Symptoms and signs indicating temporomandibular disorders after cervical acceleration-deceleration trauma in car impacts, Proceedings of IRCOBI Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005

Topic: Whiplash rear impact, Whiplash frontal impact

Distner M, Bengtsson M, Broberg T, Jakobsson L, City Safety – A system addressing rear-end collisions at low speeds, Paper No. 09-0371, The 21st International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference (ESV), Stuttgart, Germany, 2009

Topic: Whiplash rear impact, Whiplash frontal impact

Isaksson-Hellman I, Lindman M, Real-world performance of City Safety based on Swedish insurance data, Paper no. 15-0121, The 24th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015

Topic: Methodology & real world data , Whiplash rear impact, Whiplash frontal impact

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