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Imagine: your idea, but global.

Volvo Cars Tech Fund

Forget start-up, let’s get your idea into a ready-made global auto and tech market with strategic investment opportunities.

We believe great ideas are what shape the future.

The Volvo Cars Tech Fund provides strategic investments and global market access for innovative auto and tech start-ups – because you never know from where the next breakthrough may come. 

Maybe it’s your idea. Can it shape the future of transportation and mobility?

Investment opportunities for start-ups

Who would be your partner? The same Volvo Cars you know – the brand recognised worldwide for advanced design and engineering, quality and innovation – and we’re ready to take your clever ideas to customers around the globe. Volvo Cars is a nimble organisation with an innovative culture that understands how a flexible creative environment breeds great design. 

Design, engineering and digital focus

Our Volvo Cars Tech Fund is particularly interested in mobility apps and services, distributed ML/AI and storage, safety and security, networking and connectivity platforms, fusion and HD mapping, sensors and drive computing.



« We seek to invest in companies that can provide us with strategic access to new technologies, capabilities and talent »

Zaki Fasihuddin

CEO, Volvo Cars Tech Fund

We’re ready when you are

Whether you’re at seed stage or later, we can provide access to investors, technology for vetting and data room for due diligence process. We take minority stakes in equity shares or equity-related investments to help turn ideas into businesses.

We would love to hear more about your start-up and how you are shaping what’s next!

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Get in contact with the Volvo Cars team in Silicon Valley and tell us more about your idea. Pop us an email with a pitch presentation and we’ll be in touch!

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