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Volvo Cars is well known for its innovative products influencing the entire car industry. Naturally our successful and innovative products inspire others, and we receive every year unsolicited suggestions and ideas from all over the world. Whether you have an idea or innovation, we welcome your submission.

Our approach to open innovation

Volvo Cars and its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Volvo Cars") believes in hearing open innovation opportunities from the public. We also welcome suggestions regarding our products and services from our valuable customers. It is our policy, however, not to accept any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, and proposals on a confidential or trade-secret basis. Volvo Cars cannot agree to hold ideas or any related materials in confidence because: (a) it may be helpful to disclose the idea to others for evaluation, (b) Volvo Cars or its customers or other parties working with Volvo Cars may already know of or be considering the idea (or a concept very similar to the idea), or (c) the idea may be available in the public domain.  Therefore, it is understood and agreed that no employee of Volvo Cars has the authority to accept any proposal under any obligations of confidentiality, non-disclosure, or non-use.  In addition, Volvo Cars does not provide compensation for any such unsolicited submissions.  This policy is to avoid any misunderstandings if Volvo Cars decides to use any customer idea to improve our products or services. 

Volvo Cars will not consider any ideas or suggestions for vehicle interior/exterior designs, advertising or marketing ideas or campaigns, business or sales methodologies, product names, slogans, logos, brands, trademarks or similar items.

Due to the volume of unsolicited ideas we receive, Volvo Cars please ask that you understand that we cannot respond to each and every submission, although they are appreciated.


PLEASE NOTE: On this site, we make a distinction between “Ideas” and “Inventions.” Before making any submissions to Volvo Cars, please think carefully to decide if you: (a) have a high-level idea or concept for our products and services, with little to no implementation details (i.e., an “Idea”); or (b) are in possession of a non-trade secret invention, complete with implementation details such that the invention is or can be reduced to practice (i.e., an “Invention”). Oftentimes, a mere Idea is not valuable until a significant amount of time and money is invested to transform it into an actual Invention.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: If you have any customer feedback (i.e., this is not about a new idea or invention), please click here .


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