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Infotainment and Digital Consumer Experience

We have joined forces with Google to bring the power of Android into our cars. With the operating system powered by Android, we fundamentally rethink in-car infotainment in new Volvo cars. This state-of-the-art technology will revolutionise the way that our customers interact with their Volvo, integrating their car into their digital world and offering access to a wide range of apps, and connected and predictive services.

Android will make the award-winning interface in our cars even easier to use, for a safer, more relaxed experience behind the wheel. Every interaction will be seamless. Information, controls and connectivity will all be accessible through a single operating system that’s in line with the driver’s preferences. The first car to carry the infotainment system powered by Android is the XC40 Recharge, our first fully electric car.


Volvo Cars is fundamentally rethinking infotainment in the forthcoming fully electric Volvo XC40. Watch the video to learn more.

« Android will give our customer access to the latest apps and services in a familiar environment. »

Henrik Green

Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Cars

Future-proof technology

Our designers and engineers understand that our customers want technology in their cars that’s useful and up-to-date, and which will work in harmony with their apps and devices, both now and in the future. And our focus on people ensures that this is done in a way that is as natural and intuitive as possible. Collaborations such as the one with Google help us develop the right technologies and products from the start and generate innovation.

By introducing the Android operating system to our cars, we will give Volvo drivers access to the latest services and technologies. It will enable them to use hundreds of current and future apps developed by Volvo Cars, Google or third-party developers. And it will allow our customers to personalise their in-car experience, so it’s exactly how they want it to be. It will be an infotainment system in tune with their needs, which can be customised to suit the way they live.

New Volvos with the system powered by Android will also receive software and operating system updates over the air, placing us at the forefront of automotive connected services. Your Volvo will keep evolving and improving over time, rather than being at its peak when it leaves the factory. By introducing over-the-air updates for everything from maintenance to completely new features, your Volvo stays as up-to-date as your other digital products like smartphones and tablets.


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