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We have created world-changing innovations since the first Volvo rolled off the production line in 1927. Today, Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected car brands and is heralding an all-electric future.

Our company is a truly global organisation with Scandinavian roots and manufacturing in Sweden, Belgium and China – with plans to open in the United States.

Volvo Car Group (Volvo Cars) is owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) of China.

« Our purpose is to provide safe, sustainable and convenient mobility, making a positive contribution to society »

Håkan Samuelsson

President and CEO, Volvo Cars

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Innovating to make people's lives less complicated and more enjoyable

Our human centric focus is what makes us different from all other car companies, and it is at the heart of everything we create. Our Scandinavian design is a combination of simplicity, beauty and functionality.

Inspired by nearly a century of world-changing innovations, at Volvo Cars we’ve always designed cars that put people first. 

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Sustainable business to support a long-term commitment to our planet

As a human-centric car company, we are a brand for people who care about other people and the world in which we live. This is at the core of our business and of our approach to sustainability. Our commitment is about re-thinking sustainability, and goes beyond our operations and our cars, and into society. It makes us think again every time we take decisions that affect the world and the lives of people.

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From past to future: 90 years of refinement

In every generation since the late 1920s, Volvo has been a pioneer. Our company was born because we believed that nobody was making cars strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Discover how our heritage – events, casual encounters, strokes of genius and ground-breaking innovations – shapes our unique approach to mobility.

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Our Values

At Volvo Cars, everything we do starts with people. So our mission to make people’s lives easier, safer and better is something that comes naturally to us. It’s the Volvo way.

Today, we’re still as focused as ever on our three core values: safety, quality and care for the environment.

Protecting what’s important. Making people feel special. And taking pride in helping the world become a better place for all.

Volvo Cars core value environment


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Volvo Cars core value quality


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Volvo Cars core value traffic safety


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Vision 2020

Aiming for zero

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