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Our people make the difference

We want to bring out the best in our employees, and our history of automotive innovations is the result of a collaborative, diverse and inclusive working environment. Our people are the ones creating the next generation of premium cars for customers that value innovative ways to move and connect. What we all have in common at Volvo Cars is our passion for protecting lives, our endless curiosity and our dedication to create a new future for the automotive industry. Get to know some of them here and listen to what they have to say about their careers at Volvo Cars.

Our diverse DNA

We are proud to have a diverse global workforce where everyone is respected and able to contribute. For us, diversity is not only about age, ethnicity, gender or nationality. It’s also about embracing different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. Our inclusive culture sparks creativity, continually pushing us to achieve more.

I feel that I will always develop here, and these are really fun times to be working at Volvo Cars.

Johanna Karlsson


What it really comes down to in the end is the people.

Kevin Borge

Manual Sealing

The best part about my new job is that we create together. We have very engaged teams with open dialogues.

Diana Banozic

Enterprise Digital

I aim to inspire people around me and in other different departments by the things I do.

Timmy Ghiurau

User Experience Framework

Carissma Dennis

Global Social Media Insights

It’s nice to visualise the pride of the employees in our company

Alex Xu

Talent Acquisition

It’s fun working with people and a company that actually tries to build something more – not just cars.

Max Büchler

Consumer Enterprise Digital

Even after working here for almost four years, I'm still challenged every day.

Hannaneh Yazdi

Product Creation

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Our workplace in Charleston

In Charleston we are not just building up a factory, we are building a team – a diverse one. We come from different parts of the world with various backgrounds and skills. For us, diversity is about embracing different backgrounds, experiences and personalities. Everyone is respected and able to contribute. Our inclusive culture sparks creativity and we care about each other. We are always looking for talented people who share our values to join our team. Get to know some of our employees in this film and listen to why they enjoy working here. Do you want to be part of our team at the Charleston plant? 

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Meet our colleagues in the new Volvo Cars Manufacturing Plant in Charleston, South Carolina.

We create together

Meet our colleagues in the Volvo Cars Chengdu Plant in China.

Get to know our colleagues in the Volvo Cars manufacturing plant of Chengdu, China.

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