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Our application process

This guide will help you get started with your application to join Volvo Cars. We’re looking for colleagues that move fast, aim high, challenge themselves and show respect. Our application processes may vary depending on the role and location.

  Find a job

It’s important that you are well prepared when applying for a position at Volvo Cars. Find extensive information about our company visiting our Corporate site at

When you are ready, use our Job Search to find positions that matches your skills, qualifications and interests.


Read the ad carefully and review your résumé. Your chances of getting the job increases if your profile matches the requirements. Don't make your cover letter too long. One page is enough. Explain to us why you want the job and why you are a great fit for the position.

  We receive your application

You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as your application is correctly submitted. You will be contacted by our HR team if you are selected for an interview. They will provide you with information about the interview and following steps like second interview, assessment and references.


Relax and be yourself. Make sure that you can tell us why Volvo Cars should be hiring you. Also remember that everyone has weaknesses, so don't be afraid to acknowledge yours. Let us know how we could support you to grow and develop as a professional.


All candidates will be notified when a final candidate has been selected for the position. You can choose to keep your résumé in our database and use it later for other jobs that match your profile.

  Welcome onboard

You got the job? Congratulations and welcome onboard! Your manager will introduce you to your team, and support you to get started with your working tasks in the best way possible.

Your cover letter

This is your opportunity to highlight your suitability for the position: 

  • Explain why the job you are applying for suits you
  • Mention which values you share with our company
  • Tell us how you would contribute within Volvo Cars
  • Share with us your long-term career ambitions
  • Keep it to one page – preferably
  • Get it proofread by someone else

Your CV

Here’s how you can help us during the selection process:

  • Clearly display your name and contact details at the top
  • Keep your CV clear, well-presented and concise
  • Use headlines to group information (e.g. ‘skills’)
  • List information chronologically, with most recent first
  • Format it for the specific position, or role
  • Show other interests, hobbies or achievements
  • List only the experience that is relevant to the role
  • Keep it to two pages, preferably
  • Check it thoroughly, then send as pdf 

Your Interview

Get ready to elaborate on any information you have submitted in advance. The key is to be prepared. Here are some tips:

  • Become familiar with Volvo Cars’ values, culture, vision and mission – check our social media channels and website
  • Make notes of what appeals to you about Volvo Cars
  • Demonstrate you’ve thought about Volvo Cars and the position
  • Get a friend to help you practice – prepare questions and answers
  • Make sure you are persuasive when you are asked why the position would suit you
  • Be yourself – you could be exactly the person we’re looking for
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview location


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