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NOW HIRING: Sales & Care Talent Programme

We are looking for graduates and young professionals with an interest in sales and customer service to join our Sales & Care Talent Programme.  As part of this training programme you will receive professional training in the Sales & Care area while being able to implement what you learn directly at work.  The programme provides you with an employment from day one and welcomes 5-10 individuals per programme group, with two groups starting in 2021.

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We are looking for talent within the fields of Research & Development, Information Technology, Digital and Software Engineering, and Electronics. Join us in creating a new future for the automotive industry.

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A company with a strong purpose

Our people are creating the next generation of premium cars for customers that value innovative ways to move and connect. We are guided by a vision that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo and are preparing to put 1 million electrified vehicles on the roads by 2025.

We are proud of our spirit, our products and our commitments.

Three reasons to join

  Our competence

Thanks to our deep understanding of customer needs we operate a successful global business. Our diverse workforce has a unique ability to develop mobility solutions: products and services that make lives less complicated for people. We have pioneered digitalisation and connectivity, using virtual tools, best-in-class software development and smart communication solutions.

  Our culture

Volvo Cars’ proud history of bringing innovations to the car industry is the result of a collaborative, diverse and inclusive working environment.

At Volvo Cars, we all share a passion for protecting lives and making the lives of our customers easier. Our vibrant collaborative culture feeds a constant curiosity about new ways of doing things, which means that some of the car industry’s most famous innovations were born here.

Our culture also creates an environment of constant improvement: we share knowledge with each other, we give and ask for feedback, and we encourage our people to take a personal responsibility for continuous learning and development.

This mindset also applies to us as an organisation in the broader sense: we continuously ask for feedback from our people via surveys. They allow us to measure engagement levels, as well as identify areas of improvement. The latest engagement score in our global employee survey was 66 per cent and placed us on the upper end of the moderate zone, which can be expected in a company on a transformation journey.

  Our leadership

For us, leadership is about inspiring and supporting people. We believe in leading by example, with a management culture based on transparency, fairness and consultation. The right leadership brings out the best in our employees, and enables them to face every challenge with confidence.


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Volvo Cars introduces six months paid parental leave for the EMEA region

At Volvo Cars, we like a good work-life balance. Therefore, we are now introducing a paid, gender-neutral parental leave policy for all our sales company employees in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa), offering parents a total of six months of leave with 80 per cent pay.

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Employer Awards

Volvo Cars has been recognised internationally as one of the leading employers. We are appreciated for being an employer where you have a good personal development and career. These are just a few of the awards given to us:

'Top 40 Most Attractive Employers in the World'

among engineering students globally, Universum 2019

'Sweden’s top 10 most attractive employers'

Among IT, engineering and business students in Sweden, Universum 2020

'China’s top 100 most attractive employers'

among engineering students in China, Universum 2019

'Career Company in Sweden 2019'

Top 100 in Sweden, Karriärfö

'Career Company in Sweden 2020'

Top 100 in Sweden, Karriärfö

'Sweden’ Top 10 Most Attractive Employers'

among young professionals, Academic Work 2019

Randstad Awards 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

'Sweden’s Top 3 Most Attractive Employers'

Randstad Awards 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

'Employer Excellence China 2019'

Excellence in Organisational Innovation, 2019

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